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You know who I am; this is who I am...

take me as I am.

13 December 1971
Once upon a time, my friends bugged me to get a livejournal... then I fell off the grid for a while on account of school stuff, troupe stuff, and ALL the Stuff! and my LJ presence pretty much died...

...but, as John J. Sheridan said when he came back to the station after a similar long and mysterious absence: "I'm better now."

WARNING: My posts are often filtered in some way or other, so if it looks like I don't post very often, remember things are not always what they seem...

Shout-outs to my family on LJ (nyowpotopop, phantomdragon99, mulpus, katerinfg, seonaidie, natureskiss, and lil_nell), along with kyliwolf (who finally convinced me to get an account in the first place), my sweet patchwork prince loadhan, and others of note (a_t_fields and dangerduckie21, among others). I love you all, always! <3


Meghan (with various occasional alphanumeric additives), if I met you online...

Lady Alienor de Saint Remi, House of the Three Roses, of the Barony of the Cleftlands in the Middle Kingdom, if I know you from the Society for Creative Anachronism...

Meep, if you're family (or certain other very special-to-me people who really ought to have at least some inkling of who they are)...

...and various other names, nicknames, aliases, and noms de plume. (Pardon my execrable French.) Or to put it another way...

I'm Megan Meri Matthews. You'll adapt. ;)

I'm also a clinical mental health counseling Master's degree candidate at Cleveland State University, a player and Managing Director in the Players' Patchwork Theatre Company (also doing business as The Confused Greenies/i Verdi Confusi commedia dell'arte troupe), and a sister (and founding/current Chapter President) of Phi Beta Fraternity for the Creative and Performing Arts. I'm a hunter of the wild meme, a healer, an actor, a singer, a leader, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a girlfriend. I'm thinking I like this arrangement of my life. :)

To find out more about me, check out my MySpace page (listed above, under Website); I haven't used it in quite some time but most of what's there is still pretty accurate. I'm also on Facebook (http://facebook.com/twiceaslucky1313).

Avatars were created using http://www.meez.com (with some bug-related annoyance) and http://avatars.yahoo.com.

Blue rose icon is from a young lady who I know only as pixiejay... I found it using Google. *hugs Google*

Medieval headshot photo by gemdol.

Photo of me in purple lace dress, and closeup photo, by phantomdragon99.

Sprites by nyowpotopop. Aishiteru, imooto-chan! <3

"You are alive... so live" icon, blue rose with leaf icon, tree icon, and "Take me as I am" icon all from http://avatars.jurko.net.

Full Metal Panic icon of Sousuke and Chidori almost kissing by solorider23 of deviantart.com; shirtless!Sousuke icon is from forumcommunity.net, by a user whose identity I unfortunately do not know... sigh...